Signature Swimming Pool Enclosures

Adams Aluminum Signature Pool Enclosures is The Ultimate Luxury in Outdoor Living

If you are in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee or any other state our Signature Pool Enclosures have allowed us the recognition and reputation as one of the premier pool enclosure companies in our industry. Our experience and knowledge to create one-of-a-kind glass and screen pool enclosures for some of our discerning clients and architects is a truly gratifying part of our business. The challenge, the details, and then, the end product is always special.

Each pool enclosure is unique and specific to the home. Some can even mirror the existing architecture. We take serious the trust that our clients, architects, fine custom home builders, and expert pool craftsmen put in us for these projects. The end results are truly spectacular.

If you are looking for a screen or glass pool enclosure that is not what you see everywhere else then call us at 985-626-8813 or 800-788-9562 today to discuss your project. We look forward to hearing from you and beginning your design.


Indulge yourself with a custom designed signature swimming pool enclosure from Adams Aluminum. Why settle for the norm when creativity can run wild.

Fine Coastal Living

This family desired the ability to entertain family and friends so that everyone could fully enjoy the breathtaking views and the constant breeze. Their problem was mosquitos, flies, and other insects along the water. Now they entertain day or night without being chased inside by the insects.

Luxury Bay Living

This new southern chic home and its owners have entertaining and charity functions in mind. Now they are able to extend their living area outside to their pool and fireplace overlooking the bay without people wanting to stay inside because of the gnats and mosquitos.

Old World Grandeur

This stately residence added this outdoor living area and pool enclosure as a corridor to its guest suite. The outside formal gardens and the limestone walls give this enclosure the feeling of a centuries-old conservatory.

Refined Marsh Living

This outdoorsman and his wife wanted to open up their home to take in the sounds of nature and extend the feeling of an outdoor living area, while not worrying about the local water animals and the flying insects that once kept them inside.

Retirement Living at its Finest

A Joyous moment of retirement and creating their perfect all inclusive retreat in the woods. Friends and family can now come and relax all day and night without being chased inside by those pesky mosquitoes or find a surprise visitor from the surrounding forest. The best part no more leaves to clean.

Spring Delight

This family envisioned enjoying the blooms of the spring, swim parties for the kids, fresh air for the house and sitting outside in their outdoor living room while the leaves from the trees, the mosquitoes, and lovebugs stay outside.

Summer's Day

This couple wanted the doors and windows of their home fully open to those beautiful summer days and to let nature come in while keeping animals and pests out.

Year-Round Tranquility

This family can enjoy a day with the kids in the pool, grilling the day's catch with friends and family, and ending the day with a glass of select wine from the cellar. All outside and along their mosquito haven coastal waterway. Who said southerners can't have it all?

True Luxury Southern Living

Watching the game pool-side with the kids and friends, enjoying a family night around the outdoor fire, or reading a book outside while the leaves are changing color and falling was this family's goal. No more cleaning leaves every other day.