Screen Swimming Pool Enclosures

The Finest Pool Enclosures

To have an Adams Aluminum Screen Swimming Pool Enclosure is to realize the joy of the outdoors like you have never felt before. In the summertime, you can swim, relax, cook and entertain all day and night without the mosquitoes, horseflies, and other pesky insects chasing you inside. In the cool months, you can enjoy the cool weather by opening up your home without worrying about unwanted animals, birds or reptiles being able to come in. The second biggest benefit of an Adams Aluminum Screen Pool Enclosure is no more leaves in the pool to clean out or leaves on your deck to sweep out.

Our Screen Pool Enclosures offer you the ultimate in true relaxation to fully enjoy your outdoor investment. If you are in: Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina & South Carolina, call 985-626-8813 or 800-788-9562 today to discuss your Adams Aluminum Screen Enclosure.


At Adams Aluminum, we ask questions and listen to concerns, then provide clients with the perfect screen pool enclosure to insure a beautiful design and tranquil outdoor living space.

A. Hayes Town Inspired Pool Enclosure

Writing thank you notes to guests past or reading amongst the solitude of water and greenery was the vision for this enclosure.

Big Green Eggs, Palms and Pools

This brick and arched glass pool enclosure continues the feel of the rest of the home for this owner.

Blooming at Spring Time

Our client's green thumb blooms with this Covington/Mandeville area pool enclosure. They enjoy their property's meticulous landscape and the babbling spa water without the leaves in the pool or mosquitos biting them.

Gusts No More

Our client's family and friends smile and enjoy swimming and cooking under their pool enclosure. They smile watching the golfers spray themselves to keep the mosquitos and gnats off of them near the Laplace, Destrehan and New Orleans, Louisiana area.

Panoramic Views from Above

Atop the highest elevation in the Columbus and Atlanta, Georgia area. This Pool Enclosure offers our client incredible views without the insects and animals coming from the lake below.

Southern Conversatory

This English Conservatory designed Pool Enclosure offers a timeless look with an open air feel for the South bayou climate around Morgan City, Thibodaux, and Houma, Louisiana.

Lush Landscape

This Hattiesburg, Mississippi couple wanted to create a natural setting with a garden and a swimming pond behind this lakefront house. Our Pool Enclosure was the finishing touch so they can enjoy it year round.

Safe Fun for the Kids

A waterslide for the kids to enjoy without the threat of mosquitos and West Nile Virus for a family near the Cutoff and Golden Meadow, Louisiana area.

Mediterranean Bliss

This Madisonville / Covington Louisiana area family wanted to enjoy the views of Lake Ponchatrain from the upper balconies, lower bedrooms and gourmet outdoor kitchen without the mosquitos, gnats and snakes.

Is This a Screen Pool Enclosure?

For Adams Aluminum, aesthetics is equally as important as engineering. This Pool Enclosure was designed to transition from the main house to the guest house. Another happy client in the New Orleans / Kenner, LA area.

Swimming or Tennis Anyone?

This very busy family, located around the Pass Christian / Long Beach / Gulfport, MS area, wanted to have a maintenance free pool to enjoy when they could take a break and relax. They enjoy cooking outdoors and swimming without the mosquitos, gnats or leaves.

Natural, Green and Open

This bayou front house in the Slidell, Louisiana area is a nature lovers dream. Their Pool Enclosure allows them to slide open all of their homes rear doors to the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Hilltop Views

This meticulously manicured and landscaped hilltop Pool Enclosure on Historic Highland Road in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offers spectacular views and evening sunsets.

Patio Pleasure

Our client can relax outside and enjoy their French Quarter style courtyard free of leaves, pine needles and mosquitoes in the Hammond / Ponchatoula / Springfield, Louisiana areas.

Estate Living

This waterfront estate has it all: swimming, boating and tennis year round right out of their back door. Be free of gnats, mosquitos, snakes and the local alligators along the waterways of the Gonzales / Prairieville / rural Baton Rouge, Louisiana areas.

The Easy Life

The beautiful timbered areas of Columbia / Hattiesburg, Mississippi come with an abundance of pine needles and mosquitoes. Our client took control of his area so he could be outdoors to cook, swim and entertain frustration free.

Golf Course Living

This family loves being outdoors in the beautiful area between Ruston and Monroe, Louisiana. Our Pool Enclosure provides protection from flying golf balls, as well as mosquitoes.

Wish Fulfilled

Opening the rear doors and allowing air flow into the house while keeping out the leaves and the mosquitoes from the nearby waters of Destrehan/New Orleans/Luling, Louisiana areas was our Pool Enclosure owner's wish.


The meandering waterways from the TexArkana / Shreveport / Benton, Louisiana areas offer a great view. The gnats, mosquitoes and snakes have to stay out for this family.

Balcony View

Our client wanted to relax on his balcony while watching his family enjoy the outdoor area without having to clean leaves or be bothered by insects that live along the historic Plantation country of the New Orleans, Louisiana area.

Lush & Relaxing

Our obvious green thumb client wanted to enjoy their incredible landscaped deck for entertaining family or friends or just sitting outside looking over the lake enjoying the breeze with no worries of leaves to clean or insects.

Le Bon Temps Rolle

This family wanted to enjoy the Cajun life that the Lafayette / New Iberia / Youngsville, LA areas have to offer: cooking, boiling seafood and watching football. Our Enclosure allows that lifestyle without having to clean leaves and swat flies and mosquitos.

Saved by the Enclosure

Pine trees, Oaks and other trees hover over Mandeville and Madisonville Louisiana. Our Homeowner was fed up with cleaning leaves more than enjoying their pool.

Vacation in the Backyard

Complete living space with the pool area separate from the house. Great for guests or just getting away from the main house for the weekend.

Southern Reclaimed

A subtle continuation from the main home to the pool area utilizing the same antique reclaimed material used throughout the residence.

Swimming in the Trees

This repeat client built a virtual home amongst the trees with incredible views of the tree tops and the river below. No more gnats, mosquitoes and leaves from the surrounding trees.

Tuscany in the South

Grab your favorite bottle of wine to relax and enjoy an evening in this Tuscan architectural gem. Whether in Dallas, Tx, Madison, MS or its location in Historic Baton Rouge, La you are sure to enjoy the feeling of wine country without the southern mosquitoes ruining the moment.