History and Philosophy of Adams Aluminum Pool Enclosures

Adams Aluminum was founded in 1979 by the same family who has guided and will continue to lead our company into the future. We are always focused on what we do today defines the continued success of our future. So many of our pool enclosure owners have become very dear friends for many years and that is a Blessing that we sincerely cherish.

From the beginning, our strict focus has been to challenge ourselves and our team to continually improve upon the quality of our pool enclosures and their designs. We welcome all new challenges in design, whether residential or commercial, function or aesthetics, or any combination. Our ultimate objective is to accomplish the goal set forth by our client. These traits over the past 40 plus years have earned us a stellar reputation amongst our peers, our industry, and our clients.

To date we have pool enclosures throughout the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Our glass pool enclosures and screen pool enclosures have been created for homes and businesses designed by some of today’s most renowned architects. These pool enclosures include historical properties, hotels, hospitals, casinos, health clubs, physical therapy groups, assisted living communities and others.

Every project receives the same level of attention no matter the size or level of difficulty. Contact us now to begin your dream of a virtually maintenance-free, mosquito-free, and leaf-free outdoor living environment.