Signature Enclosures

Adams Aluminum Signature Pool Enclosures is The Ultimate Luxury in Outdoor Living.

If you are in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee or any other state our Signature Pool Enclosures have allowed us the recognition and reputation as one of the premier pool enclosure companies in our industry. Our experience and knowledge to create one-of-a-kind glass and screen pool enclosures for some of our discerning clients and architects is a truly gratifying part of our business. The challenge, the details, and then, the end product is always special.

Each pool enclosure is unique and specific to the home. Some can even mirror the existing architecture. We take serious the trust that our clients, architects, fine custom home builders, and expert pool craftsmen put in us for these projects. The end results are truly spectacular.

If you are looking for a screen or glass pool enclosure that is not what you see everywhere else then call us today to discuss your project. We look forward to hearing from you and beginning your design.

Adams Aluminum's goal each day is to create the finest pool enclosures and retractable screens in our industry.
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Glass Enclosures

An Adams Aluminum Glass Pool Enclosure provides our commercial and residential clients the maximum usage of their swimming pool year-round.

Retractable Screens

At Adams Aluminum, we ask questions and listen to concerns, then provide clients with the perfect porch, patio or window vanishing screens.

Screen Enclosures

Adams Aluminum Screen Pool and Patio Enclosures provide a virtually invisible barrier to keep insects, leaves and animals out of your own personal outdoor living sanctuary or your outdoor business area.

Signature Enclosures

Indulge yourself with a custom designed signature swimming pool enclosure from Adams Aluminum. Why settle for the norm when creativity can run wild.