Screen Pool Enclosures and Louisiana Cajun Life

The great Cajun lifestyle is better with an Adams Aluminum Pool Enclosure. Get togethers are a huge part of the Cajun Lifestyle. It is family and friends getting together to enjoy each other’s company and make new friends with others that are brought to the party. The best place for this to happen is outdoors by the pool, the outdoor kitchen and living spaces. You boil seafood, grill or fry, maybe you do all three. It is all about working hard all week and having fun and making memories on the weekends.

People invest a lot of money in this part of their homes specifically for this, unfortunately, all to often I hear, ” I spent all of this money and when we have parties everyone ends up inside and that is why we built this. The deer flies, the mosquitoes, the gnats, the bats, the food flies, etc. just drives everyone crazy!”

It is the same story from Lake Charles, Alexandria, Shreveport, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, to New Orleans, La. Well, know that I am thinking about it, It is the same for other areas where people just like to enjoy the outdoors and entertain, no matter if in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi or Tennessee. Everyone who gets an Adams Aluminum Pool Enclosure says the same thing, “Thank you, I never realized how great your enclosures are! We practically live outside now all year!”

Adams Aluminum's goal each day is to create the finest pool enclosures and retractable screens in our industry.
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Glass Enclosures

An Adams Aluminum Glass Pool Enclosure provides our commercial and residential clients the maximum usage of their swimming pool year-round.

Retractable Screens

At Adams Aluminum, we ask questions and listen to concerns, then provide clients with the perfect porch, patio or window vanishing screens.

Screen Enclosures

Adams Aluminum Screen Pool and Patio Enclosures provide a virtually invisible barrier to keep insects, leaves and animals out of your own personal outdoor living sanctuary or your outdoor business area.

Signature Enclosures

Indulge yourself with a custom designed signature swimming pool enclosure from Adams Aluminum. Why settle for the norm when creativity can run wild.