The mosquitoes are worse this summer and the screen pool enclosure interest is up!

It seems like the new calls for screen pool enclosures are just flooding in right now. The most consistent reason is how bad the mosquitoes are this year. It is mainly due to the incredible amount of rain that the entire south has incurred from May to August. From Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi , Georgia, Oklahoma and here in Louisiana. It just will not stop raining. With this comes the incredible amount of mosquitoes it breeds.

People treat their yards and have spray systems however, they cannot keep up or they are not truly effective. Outbreaks of Zika and West Nile are also on the rise because of this. Below are some very basic tips to lessen the amount of mosquitoes around your home, pool and outdoor living spaces if you do not have a screen pool enclosure or screen porch.

  1. Walk around your pool area and yard. If you find any standing water on driveway, porch or patios take a broom and sweep it away.
  2. Water in bird feeders should be rinse out and cleaned at least once a week.
  3. Dump water out of planters, garbage cans, buckets, etc. anything that has standing water.
  4. Fix any low areas that hold water in your lawn or flower beds.

These tips will help in the reduction of breeding of mosquitoes but, unfortunately will not keep them completely away from you and your family. For those of you who already have one of our Adams Aluminum Screen Pool & Patio Enclosures or a Retractable screen you already know the complete and true benefit of keeping your outdoor living environment mosquito free with a screen enclosure.

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