Reasons to have a Adams Aluminum Screen Pool Enclosure.

No matter what state you live in: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee or Texas. An Adams Aluminum Pool Enclosure is the answer to reclaiming your outdoor area. The southeast region of the United States has some of the most beautiful land to build your home and enjoy the outdoors unfortunately, it also has the largest concentration of pesky animals, abundance of trees and plenty of aggravating insects.

For close to four decades now, we have been thankful to allow our pool enclosure owners throughout the southeast to enjoy their investment in their homes and outdoor areas like they never knew they could. They open up their houses on breathtaking days to let the fresh air in without having to worry about the outdoor elements coming in. Their pool and outdoor living sapces are free of leaves and debris. They can simply go outside and relax, no cleaning to do. Below is just a quick few reasons that we hear from our pool enclosure owners that convinced them of their need.

Reasons for Enclosures

  • Keep mosquitos out.
  • Keep gnats out.
  • Keep love bugs out.
  • Keep no see ums out.
  • Keep horse flies out.
  • Keep snakes out.
  • Keep raccoons out.
  • Keep alligators out.
  • Deters others from an open pool
  • No more leaves in the pool to clean.
  • No more leaves on the deck.
  • No more reaching in drain basket every day to clean.
  • Maintain a more stable chemical balance in the pool.
  • Extends the life of plaster of gunite pools, the gel coat of fiberglass pools and the vinyl liner of liner pools.
  • Use less chemicals.
  • Filters out UV rays.
  • Grill, BBQ, boil seafood or watch the game without mosquitos, flies, or other insects bothering you.
  • Open all of your doors and windows to let the fresh air in without worrying about animals or insects coming in.
  • Extend your home’s living and entertaining area.
  • Read outside or take a nap with no hassling insects to distract you.
  • Extend your swimming season.
  • Swim all year long (Glass Pool Enclosures)

So if any or many of these you can relate to or see a benefit in, then look through our website and then contact us today to discuss your personal pool enclosure.

Adams Aluminum's goal each day is to create the finest pool enclosures and retractable screens in our industry.
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Glass Enclosures

An Adams Aluminum Glass Pool Enclosure provides our commercial and residential clients the maximum usage of their swimming pool year-round.

Retractable Screens

At Adams Aluminum, we ask questions and listen to concerns, then provide clients with the perfect porch, patio or window vanishing screens.

Screen Enclosures

Adams Aluminum Screen Pool and Patio Enclosures provide a virtually invisible barrier to keep insects, leaves and animals out of your own personal outdoor living sanctuary or your outdoor business area.

Signature Enclosures

Indulge yourself with a custom designed signature swimming pool enclosure from Adams Aluminum. Why settle for the norm when creativity can run wild.